Account Name Verification

SurePay delivers an interoperable Account Name Verification service to financial institutions, who can implement the service in their online environment. The service delivers the bank’s customers with instant feedback at a pre-payment stage on the correctness of entered beneficiary details when making a transfer online. That way, end-users are prompted with a notification should entered beneficiary details deviate from those known at the bank of registry. This helps to prevent fraud and mistakes.


  • Makes payments more personal and safe
  • Helps to prevents mistakes
  • Helps to prevent fraud
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Implementation in your online banking environment

SurePay’s Account Name Verification service deploys an intelligent and robust algorithm, which is available for banks’ online environments through an easy-to-integrate API. The algorithm verifies an entered name belonging to an account number (IBAN) against the SurePay database. The SurePay database contains customer information from various Dutch banks, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and other reliable sources. Hence, data provisioning is an integral part of the API integration, and therewith your collaboration with SurePay.

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Our Services

Batch Check

Batch Check

Verify account details in bulk

  • Reduce administrative hassle
  • Prevent fraud and mistakes
  • Batch Processing or process-integrated
Data Delivery

Data Delivery

Widen your account’s options

  • Add account details
  • Improve your matching stats
  • Facilitate payments to your accounts


Helps to prevent fraud
and mistakes

Our customers

Bart Leurs - Rabobank
The Account Name Verification service is developed by Rabobank and our country was the first in Europe with this initiative.
Bart Leurs Digital Transformation Officer Rabobank
Yet another nice feature added to mobile banking. The check topped our customer's wish list!
Peter Eikelboom Innovation manager De Volksbank

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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Name Verification

  • What is Account Name Verification exactly?

    When making a transfer online, SurePay’s service verifies entered account details of the beneficiary prior to the actual transfer. The verification is based on the unique combination of the account holder’s name information beloning to a specific account number. The payer’s bank sends the entered account name and number to SurePay, which in turn verifies the details against its database in order to provides a response. Should entered details be incorrect (i.e. the beneficiary name does not match with the names known at the bank for this account number), then the payment initiator will be prompted a notification. The payer might be at risk of payment fraud or possibly made a mistake.

  • Which notifications can I get?

    Should entered account details match the information known at the bank for the relevant account number, generally no notifications are prompted. When this is not the case, you can distinguish three main types of notifications:


    When the entered name do not match the account information known at the relevant bank by any means – for instance ‘D. Williams’ instead of ‘K. James’ – a warning notification is prompted. Please be aware, you might be subject to a scam, fraud or may have made a mistake. The notification will tell you that the account holder is registered under a different name at the relevant bank. Consider alternative measures or get in touch with the beneficiary before proceeding to transfer any funds.

    Name Suggestion

    In case of minor errors, such as a typo, you will be prompted with a suggested name as registered at the relevant bank. For instance, ‘Williams’ instead of ‘Wiliams’. Please verify yourself whether the suggested name belongs to the person/company you are intending to transfer funds to. The name suggestion is clickable.

    Service Not Available

    SurePay verifies account numbers and their information across its base. In case SurePay is not able to verify account details against an account number, you will be notified as well. This can, for instance, occur for foreign bank accounts numbers for which SurePay may have insufficient information available.

  • Do I have to apply to use the service?

    No, you don’t. SurePay’s Account Name Verification service is not a separate app, nor programme. Your own bank can opt to integrate SurePay’s Account Name Verification service in its online environment, and make it available to you. The service generally works for online transfers and is commonly made available through a regular banking application.

    Currently, SurePay’s services are only available to customers of the larger banks in the Netherlands.

Batch Check

  • How does SurePay protect my data?

    Don’t worry, we’re fully GDPR-compliant and mutually agree on clear terms about your data prior before you submit it to us. On top of that, we comply with, and adhere to, all necessary regulation that keeps your data safe and secure.

    Some of our services require you to submit us data files for further processing. For the exchange of data between your (online) premises and Surepay, mSafe is used. Please find a security factsheet with further specifications available for download on the relevant product page.

  • How long will it take to process my file(s)?

    Depending on the agreement you have reached with your SurePay account manager, processing a file can be realised within a matter of hours. You can generally retrieve the results the same day.