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SurePay, Innovation and Rabobank

Our Account Check was developed as part of an innovation programme at Rabobank. In the fall of 2017 the check was successfully implemented by Rabobank, followed by ING Bank, Volksbank and ABN AMRO in 2018. We now further extend our reach by connecting other banks, at the same time continuously improving our services. Read more about the stunning results of the Account Check at Rabobank.

SurePay also offers IBAN-check services to non-financials, to help them gain better insights in the quality of their files, clean up errors and search for fraudulent transactions. Future services are under continuous development in close cooperation with our clients.

Meet the team

Our Netherlands based team consists of 20 FTE, located in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Below you’ll find the team members that you will most likely be in touch with

David-Jan Janse SurePay

David-Jan Janse

Founder SurePay
Marcel Rienties SurePay

Marcel Rienties

Founder SurePay

Ingrid van Roosmalen

Manager Business Development
Floris Zeeuwe SurePay

Floris Zeeuwe

Business Development UK
Pascal Herijgers SurePay

Pascal Herijgers

Implementation Manager