Avoid error messages for transfers to your bank accounts

The SurePay Account Check verifies whether a name entered for an account number corresponds with one of the names registered at the issuing bank. In case there is a mismatch, a notification will be prompted as a signal to the payer to check the details he or she has entered.

In some cases this might differ from the way you and your customers expect your organisation to be checked. Whilst SurePay’s database contains numerous data sources, it can occur that your clients use different names than those registered for your accounts. Your clients will be likely prompted a warning notification. In order to resolve this, SurePay offers a solution: Data Delivery.

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Advantages of Data Delivery

  • Reduces errors in payments to your organisation.
  • Suitable for Factoring, Curatorship and Receivership
  • For frequently-used, yet unregistered names

Data Delivery ensures smooth payments to your organisation

With SurePay’s Data Delivery service, you are in charge of your accounts’ matching possibilities. The service allows you to add extra names to the SurePay database, e.g. the names under which you are commonly known. This, for instance, may be desirable for joint organisational account holders, campaign names for charities or cases in which the beneficiary is not the actual account holder as registered at the bank.

How does it work?

Essentially, you submit the names you would like to add to SurePay’s database and we will do the rest.

  1. Step 1

    For your accounts, you submit the names and the way you would like them to be treated in matching and messages.

  2. Step 2

    We verify the data and process your request. The data is now added to the SurePay database. All banks offering the Account Name Check will treat your organisation’s names the way you have indicated.

  3. Step 3

    From then onwards, your clients will not get to see notifications with the wrong company name when making a transfer to your accounts.

How would you like your names to be handled?

Overrule all existing data

Should you decide to opt for the processing specification ‘overrule’ in your Data Delivery request, this means that any existing data in SurePay’s database will be ignored for the duration of the Data Delivery agreement.

This is desirable in the event that SurePay’s data is perceived unsuitable for the accounts concerned. For instance, cases whereby the beneficiary isn’t the actual account holder.

Handle with Priority

In the event that you would just like to go beyond traditional matching possibilities and add names to SurePay’s database that should be handled with priority next to existing data, the ‘priority’ rule is most applicable.

Furthermore, your submitted information will be stated in the warning notifications that payers receive when entered details do not match with SurePay’s data.

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