The IBAN-Name Check for Organisations, be sure who you are doing business with!

Integrate the IBAN-Name Check into your business processes. This prevents fraud and errors and allows you to realize more efficient processes.


Experience the benefits of the IBAN-Name Check in your business processes

Entering, using and checking customer data is often labor-intensive. By integrating our IBAN and name check into your systems, you make your processes more efficient, safer and reduce the risk of fraud.

This way, the online registration of new customers runs more smoothly, you collect from and you pay to the right person. Moreover, you know whether you are dealing with a private or business account! Various insurers, municipalities and organisations already use the IBAN-Name Check for organisations.

100+ organisations using IBAN-Name Check

The features of the IBAN-Name Check for organisations at a glance

More efficient processes

  • Up to 90% less drop outs during onboarding customers
  • Spend less time with (manual) checks by employees
  • Know immediately if it concerns a joint account
  • The API is lightning fast, current and available 99.95% of the time

Safe and secure

  • API meets banking security standards
  • Customer data is stored for a limited period within Europe>
  • Access to the API via an encrypted TLS, with IP whitelisting access protection
  • Each company has its own API-key

Reduce risk of fraud

  • Know who you are paying to, thanks to the check by name and corresponding IBAN
  • Direct insight into closed accounts
  • Distinction between business and private accounts of customers and relations

100+ organisations using IBAN-Name Check

  • Rabobank
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Centraal beheer
  • Reumafonds
  • BNG
  • Findio
  • Interpolis
  • ASN
  • EMS
  • Knab

"Another great feature added to mobile banking. It was at the top of our customers wish list!"

Peter Eikelboom Innovationmanager de Volksbank

“The IBAN-Name Check was developed by Rabobank and our country is at the forefront of Europe with this initiative.”

Bart Leurs Digital Transformation Officer Rabobank

Choose the IBAN-Name Check implementation that suits you

API integration in your systems

  • API can be called up in every step of the customer process (website, customer follow-up, CRM system, payment system, fraud prevention)
  • Lightning fast response time of 0.1 sec
  • Real time availability
  • High data coverage with 97.4% of the Dutch IBAN-Name combinations
  • You build in the API yourself, or through one of our partners

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IBAN-Name File Check

  • Deliver an Excel file once or periodically, on which we will perform the IBAN-Name Check for you
  • We provide a secure environment for file exchange
  • You will receive your file back, enriched with the result of our IBAN-Name Check
  • You deliver the file directly to us, or through one of our partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

IBAN-Name Check for Organisations

What are the costs for the IBAN-Name File Check?

The cost depend on frequency of file exchange, volume of your files and how fast you want us to deliver the results.

A one-off check of your files is available as of € 2.500 including account set up and 10.000 records. A subsequent monthly check of your mutation files is available as of € 400 per month. Please contact us for a quotation.

Can I integrate the IBAN-Name File Check into my onboarding process?

Right now, the IBAN-Name File Check is only available with a manual file exchange process. Meaning that you have to upload your data files into the personal and secured work space that SurePay created for your company. We run the check. We place the new file containing the results of the check in your organization’s work space, after which you can download the results file. This is a good solution for one off checks of entire CRM or bookkeeping files.

This process is not suitable for a realtime check of for instance new customers on your website. For this purpose, we are currently developing an API solution that your organization can integrate into your onboarding and customer service processes. Do you have an interest for the IBAN-Name File Check API? Please contact us for further information and the updated status.

How long will it take to process my files?

This depends on the agreement we have reached and is based on frequency and volume. SurePay guarantees to process your files in five working days. In case of emergency or good preparations however it is possible to process your file in a few hours so that you’ll have the results the same day.

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