Request the SurePay API specifications

This document is meant for organisaties who wish to integrate the check into their business processes. E.g. customer onboarding or self service, when customers change their bank account number.

With the API, you can immediately check the customer data, design the process based on the outcome of the check and inform the customer.  This helps to prevent mistakes and fraud.

The API specifications describe how you can built-in the SurePay API in your systems and the security measurements that are required on your side. Also, it explains which data you send to SurePay to perform the check and the results you will receive. Hence you can estimate the efforts needed in your organization to integrate the SurePay API. And how the check can help improve your business processes to prevent fraud and mistakes.


Are you also interested in a one-off check of a huge data file ? Request the manual for a one-off Batch Check.