As a DevOps Engineer at SurePay, you are a part of one of our development teams and will take responsibility for taking care of our IT infrastructure. Because of your excellent work, we have a continuously stable platform and our customers do not experience any downtime in our services. You will be the link between our Developers who take care of our product, and the operations within our company. You ensure that our products are easy to use for our customers.

Your job at SurePay

You work in an Agile environment and are responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure on which our products run. Because of your work, the collaboration with our customers runs smoothly from a system technical point of view and our customers have a pleasant customer experience. On the one hand, you keep the platform running and on the other hand you will spend time on tolling for the release process of new functionalities and applications. 

You will work in sprints of two weeks and ensure continuous availability of our core product, the IBAN-Name Check, but also our new services like the Switch Check and Pay-ID. You work with AWS (Amazon).

The team consists of various specialties such as the Product Owner, QA and Java Developers, so that our high quality in terms of algorithm, performance (3 billion checks with an average response time of 75ms) and availability (> 99.99%) is maintained.

Required skills

  • You have a Bachelor or Master working level;
  • You have at least 3 years experience as a DevOps Engineer;
  • You are familiar with an Agile way of working and are a team player;
  • You are familiar with data, APIs and cloud technology;
  • You have the following characteristics: proactive, inventive, inquisitive and positively critical;
  • A Technical background/study is an advantage, think of completed studies in Business Administration Informatics or Information Science;
  • You are available full time (40 hours per week);
  • Your English language skills are very good, both written and spoken;
  • Experience with AWS or any other cloud provider;
  • Experience with infra as code;
  • JAVA and Python is an advantage;
  • Screening is a part of the application procedure.

Your main tasks

A characteristic of a fast-growing startup is that roles are often versatile, as is the role of DevOps Engineer. Your most important tasks are:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining the IT infrastructure
  • Testing and implementing tooling for new functionalities and applications
  • Taking care of maintenance releases
  • contributing to the innovations and development of smart IT solutions and processes
  • You will act as a troubleshooter in the event of problems with our infrastructure
  • You ensure the stability and availability of our products


About SurePay 

  • Founded in 2016 
  • ± 80 employees
  • ± 30 nationalities
  • 1 office
  • Flat organisation
  • (Business) Casual
  • Average age: 36

SurePay makes payment easier, more personal and even more secure. We are a Fintech company, with the most well known product being the IBAN-Name Check, also known internationally as Confirmation of Payee. This product is purchased by almost all banks in the Netherlands, but also by major insurers, lenders, ministries and government agencies.

In total we have already carried out more than 4 Billion checks. Since we went live with IBAN-Name Check, the number of invoice fraud via transfers to Dutch IBANs has decreased by no less than 81%. 

SurePay stems from an innovation program of Rabobank, started in July 2016 and has been an independent BV since the beginning of 2020. SurePay is currently in the scale-up phase; we are engaged in the international roll-out of our services. In England we now have a foothold and we check 35% of all payments. Other countries are in the pipeline. We are currently working with 5 scrum teams and a business / sales team on our ambitious growth goals.

SurePay is being backed by three leading investors, specialised at scaling B2B SaaS solutions internationally and FinTech companies. Rabo Frontier Ventures, a strategic investment arm of Rabobank, Connected Capital and Iris Capital support our company's mission of preventing international payment fraud.

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