As a Product Owner you are an organizer and team leader. You translate SurePay goals into bite-sized chunks, so that the development team knows what needs to be done. In addition, you manage and prioritize the backlog of the development team, you know which actions add value and you describe this in User Stories.

Your job at SurePay

You work in an Agile environment and are responsible for the development and implementation of various products and the associated technical infrastructure. You prioritize the requirements that you have collected from the stakeholders within and outside SurePay. In addition, of course you ensure that you invite the right stakeholders for the biweekly sprint demo.

Together with the team you work on improving existing products such as Confirmation of Payee, but also on the development of new products such as Switched Check and PayID (“Pay to Mobile”). All this in close collaboration with our customers, data suppliers and partners.

The team consists of various specialties such as Java Developers, QA and DevOps, so that our high quality in terms of algorithm, performance (3 billion checks with an average response time of 75ms) and availability (> 99.99%) is maintained.


Required skills

  • Masters degree
  • You have at least 3 years of work experience as a Product Owner in an Agile environment, preferably in projects where data plays a major role
  • You have excellent logical thinking, have strong analytical skills and good coordination skills
  • You communicate clearly, both in conversations and on paper (English) and you’re able to keep asking questions so that you quickly know what someone means
  • You have affinity with IT / technology, are familiar with APIs, data and AWS
  • You have the following characteristics: proactive, resourceful, investigative, leadership and positive critical
  • You follow relevant developments to continuously improve our working methods
  • Technical background / study is an advantage, for example a degree in: Business Informatics, Industrial Engineering or Information Science
  • Work experience as a Business Analyst is an advantage
  • Experience with Lean Startup is an advantage
  • Screening is part of the application procedure


Your main tasks

Characteristic of a fast-growing startup is that roles are often versatile, as is the role of Product Owner. Your main tasks are: 

  • Managing and prioritizing the product backlog and creating new user stories and epics. Managing the progress of the development team
  • Organize the sprint demo and ensure that the most important stakeholders are invited
  • Encouraging good team spirit and cooperation with other teams
  • Translate product vision into Product Roadmap and coordinate planning with the development team
  • Business analysis; drawing up the requirements (business and technical) on an Epic and User Story level
  • Prepare API Specifications for new products and maintain API Specifications for existing products
  • Release planning, preparation of release notes and communication regarding the release to customers, data suppliers and partners
  • Point of contact in terms of technology for implementations at customers, data suppliers and partners. Planning implementation processes
  • Answering specific technical questions asked via Service Desk tickets by our customers, data suppliers and partners. To do this, for example, you and the team investigate bugs in the name matching algorithm or in other parts of our service
  • Evaluating technical designs for feasibility
  • Ensuring ISO policies are adhered to by the team


About SurePay 

  • Founded in 2016 
  • ± 80 employees
  • ± 30 nationalities
  • 1 office
  • Flat organisation
  • (Business) Casual
  • Average age: 36

SurePay makes payment easier, more personal and even more secure. We are a Fintech company, with the most well known product being the IBAN-Name Check, also known internationally as Confirmation of Payee. This product is purchased by almost all banks in the Netherlands, but also by major insurers, lenders, ministries and government agencies.

In total we have already carried out more than 4 Billion checks. Since we went live with IBAN-Name Check, the number of invoice fraud via transfers to Dutch IBANs has decreased by no less than 81%. 

SurePay stems from an innovation program of Rabobank, started in July 2016 and has been an independent BV since the beginning of 2020. SurePay is currently in the scale-up phase; we are engaged in the international roll-out of our services. In England we now have a foothold and we check 35% of all payments. Other countries are in the pipeline. We are currently working with 5 scrum teams and a business / sales team on our ambitious growth goals.

SurePay is being backed by three leading investors, specialised at scaling B2B SaaS solutions internationally and FinTech companies. Rabo Frontier Ventures, a strategic investment arm of Rabobank, Connected Capital and Iris Capital support our company's mission of preventing international payment fraud.

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